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I was thinking of going to Eva's Bridal in Oak Lawn to look for dresses.  When I go to their website it says MULTIPLE times that they are not affiliated with Eva's in Orland Park.  Is one better than the other?

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    I went to the Eva's in Oaklawn and the one in Chicago on Harlem.  The one in Oak Lawn was a thousand times better.  The lady who helped me in Oaklawn was wonderful to work with.  The people who helped in at the one on Harlem were awful!  I didn't end up buying my dress from either one but I did find a dress at the Oaklawn location that I almost bought.  Good luck! :)
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    I went shopping for dresses at both the OL location and the OP location. To be honest...i had a horrible experience at the OL location. The lady kept leaving me to do other things. They don't have a great selection and when i found a dress that i was considering....they wouldn't tell me who makes the dress and what year it is from (the designers tag was ripped out) until i put a deposit on the dress. They don't want you to shop around for a better price. Then i went to Eva's in Orland Park which was so much better! They had thousands of dresses to try on. The staff was really helpful there and stay with you the whole time to figure out your style and what you are exactly looking for. And they give you all the dress info (designer and collection year) and they let you take pictures of the dresses. I ended up buying my dress there (Eva's in Orland) and was able to negotiate the price! Hope that helps...Good luck!


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    I bought my dress at Eva's in Oak Lawn because they were literally the ONLY store in the Chicago area that had the Jim Hjelm dress I wanted. I was really nervous because I had heard some pretty bad stuff about them- ripping out the labels, etc. The service I experienced there was great- the sales woman was super nice and not pushy at all, but then again I pretty much knew I was going to get the dress from the start. A friend of mine also got her dress there and had some issues with the date- she had requested to get her dress extra early so they said they would say the wedding was in December instead of Jan, but they still put 2010, so it was kind of nerve wracking. It'snot a fancy store at all, so if you're looking for the champagne bridal experience, it's not for you.

    That said, I really recommend A Joyful Occasion in Naperville. They had another dress I was considering. The selection is nice and there's a good range of prices, and Freyda, the owner, is really nice.
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