Bridal shower - hostess gifts

Hello!  i'm hoping for some ideas...

My mom and future mother-in-law are hosting my bridal shower.  It's a large event (100 guests and formal luncheon) and i'd like to get individual gifts for my mom and my future mother in law to thank them for their generousity in hosting the shower.  What would be an appropriate gift? 

Thank you in advance for any suggestions :)
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Re: Bridal shower - hostess gifts

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    How about a gift card for a massage or mani/pedi?
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    I got my mom, FMIL, and one of my BMs a nice vase from Crate and Barrel and a wine stopper.  It was so hard to decide what to get them.  They all received different colors!


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    I am not done yet but I got each of them a willow tree statue.  I got the "surrounded by love" one for each, but they also have  "thank you" or "gratitude" .  I also found "thank you for hosting my shower" cards at Hallmark. 
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    I got my hostesses gift sets from the Olive Tap in Long Grove. They all loved them!
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