Ideas for a non-church ceremony (only) in the city

So FI and I are narrowing down our choices for a reception site. The problem I'm having is that all of our potential reception sites are restaurants, and while I know we COULD get married at the restaurant, and I will if we can't find anything else, I'd really rather find somewhere else to do it. 

Some requirements:
In Chicago, not suburbs
Not a church - we're not particularly religious 
Feasible for a mid-late October wedding (ie: probably indoors)
$600 or less to rent for about 2 hours
Can hold about 80 people

Please help! I've been just killing my brain over this the last few days. . . 

Re: Ideas for a non-church ceremony (only) in the city

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    WinterWed17WinterWed17 member
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    I have no idea how much it costs, but what about trying the Cultural Center. They have a number of rooms that they rent for private functions. If you aren't doing it on a day in which they are already renting it out, you might be able to get it pretty cheap.
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    crund8crund8 member
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    You should check out the park district.  Columbus park refectory, or even promontory point are beautiful and cheap.
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