color of Flowers for bridesmaids

My bridesmaids dress are eggplant and I was thinking of having the girls carrying White roses with purple ribbon.

Any Ideas??

Re: color of Flowers for bridesmaids

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    I think white flowers would be really lovely with eggplant dresses.

    In fact, that's I exactly what I am hoping to do for my wedding (still almost a year away).  Did you have trouble finding eggplant dresses?  I've been casually looking at bridesmaids dresses and haven't been seeing much of the really dark purple that I have in mind. 

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    Sarah, try DB lapis.  I had the same problem, but I really like the shade of purple that they are. 

    As for the flowers, I think that would be really pretty.  We were going to do white roses with purple ribbon, but apparently my dad has taken a recent interest in the bridesmaid bouquets, so we're doing (on his request) a mix of purple and white flowers.
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    I think that sounds very classy, although I am partial to white roses for weddings.
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    great idea! I love white roses..they are timeless and always look elegant.

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    That sounds lovely.  I am a big fan of keeping it simple and elegant! 
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    The white will pop against the eggplant really nicely.

    Is it just me or are the colors purple, white, and black super popular right now?
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    Yeah, I agree, they totally are popular.  I went with purple because it's been my favorite color since I can remember (one of my childhood friends has a very embarassing video of me proclaiming my love of my purple popcicle atop her jungle gym...I hope it doesn't surface if I ever try to run for office).  I guess I just lucked out this year being trendy and all...
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  • jen90210jen90210 member
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    I'm having eggplant dresses also.  My bridesmaids are going to have pink, ivory, and a light purple.  I wanted them to pop!
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    We did eggplant dresses, (if you're looking for a dark purple, I was very happy with the one from belsoie, part of jasmine and b2), and ended up going with green, light purple and white for the bridesmaids.
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