Weekend Wedding Schedules?

We're thinking of having a weekend wedding in Chicago with events Friday evening, Saturday, and the ceremony and reception Sunday morning. A lot of guests would be coming from out of town and I wanted to provide some form of entertainment for them in the days leading up to it. 
I was hoping to get some ideas from local brides or others who have done something similar and what their schedule of events looked like.
Budget-wise, we are also trying to be conservative. Friday afternoon we were thinking of 50cent rollerskating on our dime as it would be fun and inexpensive. But for the rest of the weekend, what are we expected to pay for?

Re: Weekend Wedding Schedules?

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    We are also having a Sunday wedding (of Labor Day weekend). We are planning on putting a list together of the wedding events that people are welcome to join on the website and in the hotel bags. We are also making a list of all the stuff they can do in the city and in the surrounding area as well as restaurant recommendations.

    I really don't think you are expected to pay for anything that weekend since people know that it is a part of the cost of attending an out of town wedding. However, in my FI's family, they invite all OOT guests to the rehearsal dinner (which is about 100 people in our case so we will see how that works out).

    I really like the roller skating idea. We had considered a BBQ at my parents house over the weekend for the guests.
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