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Hi all,
Has anyone gotten sheet cake for their wedding? I've called Costco and Jewel and realized I'd have to have someone pick it up and take it to the reception. Is there any store that might do delivery?

Also, does anyone have affordable cake suggestions? Personally, I don't even like cake so I refuse to spend a ton of money. We've weighed the idea of cupcakes but I think he wants to actually do the cake cutting thing.

Thanks for the advice!

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    I have heard Dina's Cakes are reasonable. I didn't research bakeries much since mine was included in our package. One idea would be to get a smaller cake you could cut and do some alternate dessert that could be cheaper. Or you might not mind spending the money on something you would like more? Just an idea!
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    There are cupcake trees that hold cupcakes on the bottom and then a smallish round cake on the top, maybe that would be a good compromise for you?  Otherwise, I would maybe try regular bakeries for a delivery, just getting sheet cake instead of a traditional wedding cake.  The extra expensein a wedding cake is in building/decorating/moving a multi tier cake. 
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    If you can ask someone to pick it up for you, you can't go wrong with a Jewel cake.  They are absolutely delish!  If our cake wasn't already included in our venue, I would probably consider a Jewel cake!   

    Sorry I can't offer any other suggestions.  Good luck figuring out your cake! :)

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    Check Sam's club as well - their cakes are really good.  They don't deliver but if you know someone who lives near one that would be another alternative.

    We're using Dina's Cakes ( and our non-fondant cake with custom design, monogram, and Oreo cream filling is coming out to about $2.25pp which includes delivery.  Her cakes are REALLY good!
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    Wow Chosen, that is an awesome deal!!!  2.25 pp??  I have been finding between $4 and $6 dollars a slice!  And oreo cream filling, YUM!!!!  Where are these people located? 

    To respond to the other posts, I have heard about doing a smaller cake then a sheet cake, sounds like a good idea. 
    I also LOVE Jewel cake and really might consider them, it is the best cake ive ever eaten!  We did find a place near my parents house in Evergreen Park that is about $3 a slice which is the best we've found.  So we will see!

    Good luck!!
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