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Has anyone used Loudbyte? I did not see any comments/complaints from anyone here on the board. Their website has good trailers, but I am hesitant to use them without some real feedback from past clients. And if you have used them, would anyone be willing to let me see their wedding video. Thank you.

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    Never heard of them. Be careful who you get. If you look here, many brides hired shoot the bride video company and it seems they turned out to be a nightmere. Our videographer has been in business for over 20 years. That is one reason we went with them. There are a lot of start up video places who will give you a cheap price, but the way I look at it, this...hopefully will be my one and only wedding and I don't want to hire anyone who's just starting out. I seen a few really nice highlight demos online and then I went to visit them and seen the actual wedding footage, and it was not all that great. Who ever you hire, make sure you see the real wedding footage, not just a 3 minute highlight video. Also ask to contact a few of their past brides to get a real review what they thought.
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    I have not heard of them, but used the now infamous STB films and never got my video and probably never will get it.

    I strongly advise you to use someone who has been in business many years or who has many positive reviews here.

    Logi productions and Orange Video have been a few that have good reviews here.
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    Here's a link to all of our reviews on wedding channel!

    Loudbyte Cinematography won Best of the Knot 2011 and Brides Choice 2011

    Hope this helps :)
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