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I live in LA, but my fiance and I are getting married in Chicago in Sept. We are pretty active at our church here in LA and love love love the music. I can't explain it! Gospel, contemporarty christian rock music from Cantors that sound like they should have their own record label deal at a Catholic Church! I was so set on flying 1 or 2 of them hopefully down to possibly sing at our wedding ceremony in Chicago, but my fiance is totally against that now since we still have so much more to pay for that takes priority and wants to just hire locals in Chicago. What makes it even more challenging is that our priest in Chicago says that whoever we bring to sing at mass, must be a catholic cantor so they are familiar with the mass format. I really would love to audition/hear some talented singers that meet this criteria in Chicago if anybody has an referrals..anything will help.
Any churches there in Chicago that have reputable singers???? Please help..
Mrs. F 9-18-10

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    Kate Bradfield is a great choice--she's my choir director at St. Clement Church.  She sings, plays piano, the whole thing.  We do primarily contemporary music and especially gospel- and jazz- influenced music.  She is doing my wedding.  Email me mary dot henkes at gmail dot com to get her contact information.
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