A House Reception?

Our budget is really tight and my fiance wants the reception to be informal at his parents house in the back yard. Something like a Bar-B-Q with drinks and dancing. That is the type of family he has, they like to party so this idea wouldn't bother his family but my family is a little more formal and calm. So this idea might turn my family off. What should I do, and does this house reception sound ghetto?

Re: A House Reception?

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    edited December 2011
    At home receptions can be very elegant, it depends on how tight your budget really is. What you failed to mention is how YOU feel about it.
    For at home with elegance, you could rent a gorgeous white tent with tables, have beautiful florals, and hire a caterer that will bring everything you need.
    Check out
    They have everything from pig roast, to beautiful tent wedding with china and flatwear, and servers, they might fit the bill because they are in all budgets and include everything.
    At home wedding is only ghetto if you do it ghetto style.
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