Where to get inserts cut at?

I am printing my inserts at home but would love to outsource the cutting of them. Any suggestions? Should I trust Kinko's to do this sort of thing? I have 3 inserts of different sizes and need 110 of each and am able to print 2 per page.

Re: Where to get inserts cut at?

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    hz80408hz80408 member
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    If you don't mind doing it yourself, you could cut at Staples.  They have a heavy duty cutter and I cut tons of my items there for free w/o anyone saying anything to me.

    Otherwise, I think they offer cutting services as well (I think it's like $0.10 a sheet or something? Maybe up to $0.50)
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    aimers1525aimers1525 member
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    Also, if you want to cut them yourself, I'm pretty sure Archivers stores have big paper cutters. Back when I was a scrapbooker (no time now), I used to go there to cut stuff.
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    MrsPapsMrsPaps member
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    I have a paper cutter but I figure a copy place might have a more precise trimmer.
    Thanks for the Staples idea though, maybe I'll try them for free!
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    I am going to use Kinkos which charges a $1.50 per cut (for a stack of up to 200). So like our invitation has 2 invites on them next to each other which is 5 total cuts which would be $7.50 for 100 pages to be cut.

    Don't use Office Depot- other brides have said they don't bind their paper and so the cut doesn't go straight down.

    Kinkos wants little markers on the corner to make sure that they align. 
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