Am I being ridiculous?

I'm having some problems with my musicians.  In short, is it unreasonable to expect a response from a vendor (that you've already hired) within 36-48 hours? 
We've hired an ensemble (through a company, not directly through the ensemble) and the cellist/coordinator hasn't been very responsive.  It generally takes her 1-2 weeks and a follow up email to have her respond to a question.  On Monday I sent her an email to follow up on an email sent earlier and she informed me that she she had an opportunity to play out of town and she will no longer be coordinating or playing at our wedding.  She gave me the contact info for the new ensemble and coordinator; I emailed him immediately.  I emailed the company Tuesday morning expressing my frustration and disappointment- and noting that the new coordinator had not returned my email.  The corp rep responded within an hour apologizing and saying she will tell the new coordinator to contact me as soon as possible.  Still, nothing.  I sent a follow up email to the new coordinator this morning asking him to respond to my email sent Monday, still nothing.  Am I being ridiculous? 

Re: Am I being ridiculous?

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    I think you have every right to be upset.  I've had a couple of the same issues, they tell me they'll call next week and then you never hear from them and have to call them again! ugh!!!  I think they just feel like you've already signed a contract and now they don't have to impress you anymore!  Irratating!  I don't know how people do business that way, someone emails or calls me at work, I get back to them within 24 hours, if just to say, hey didn't forget about you.  Photography has been my problem.  I asked for my deposits back and they have been pretty attentive since then.  Good Luck.

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