I read on your bio you were married at 4th Pres.  Wanted to know if you are willing to share any info, advice, experience with photography inside the sanctuary?

We are trying to schedule a meeting with photographer, this will be his first time shooting at the church.  I have all the guidelines from the church but any insider information or tips would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hey -

    Our photographer had shot a few weddings there before, so he already knew the drill. At first reading through, the guidlines seems quite stringent, but I'm actually happy they are there. No one is moving around distracting from the ceremony. We also had 2 photogs - so one was up in the mezzanine, and the other was in the back of the church.

    Since it would be this persons first time shooting at the church, I would recommend maybe seeing if they can meet with Ann prior to the ceremony or rehearsal. Since she's a bit of a drill sargent (in a good way), if shes comfortable with them I'm sure everything will be fine.

    Sorry, I can't really be more helpful. If you have any other questions about 4th Pres. let me know.
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