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I'm getting married in October at a venue that let's us bring in our own caterer.  We are considering having Smoque cater the meal, but we would still need linens, place settings, bartenders, and additional service staff for cleaning, etc.  Smoque told me that sometimes people will bring in a full-service caterer to do the rest.  Has anyone worked with a similar situation before?  Are the logisitics too difficult?  Can anyone recommend a caterer or other resource that could help us fill in our needs?


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    does Smoque have a recommendation for you?

    BTW- ate there on Tuesday. love love Smoque.
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    Very cool idea! I would recommend asking the venue for caterers. It would be great to have someone who knows the layout of the place and is comfortable working there.
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    Levy Events will do all of that for you and they are wonderful to work with.  I planned several large events using them and even though I was officially "in charge" according to my boss, I never had to worry about anything.  They do it all and allow you to enjoy your party.  HTH!!  
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    Mmmm Smoque's. I love that place and it would be a truly unique wedding meal!

    Sorry, no input, you just made me salivate
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