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So this might seem like a dumb question, but I want to make sure it's okay.  Our wedding is in the suburbs (ceremony in on suburb and reception in another).  Our invitations will obviously have the specific locations for both as will our guest website, but I'm wondering if for the save the dates I can just have "Chicago, IL"?  Many of our guests wil be from out of town so they won't really know where the suburbs are. 

I just think it would be easier to put "Chicago, IL" as opposed to putting both suburbs and it being confusing.  Or is it correct to put the ceremony location? Or does it even matter?


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    barbbhowwbarbbhoww member
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    As nice as it would to put Chicago, I would put the two suburbs.  You don't want a guest extremely confused and making an hotel reservation in the City. 
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    I agree with PP.  It just eliminates the potential for any confusion with your guests.  
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    kag0215kag0215 member
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    Put the ceremony location. The point of STDs is to let out of town guests know when and where the wedding is so that they can make plans in advance. If you put chicago they may book rooms in chicago and they wouldn't be very close to your suburban wedding.
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    aimers1525aimers1525 member
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    oh good point, I didn't even think of that! Thanks ladies!
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    i put the location of the ceremony. i also included a card in the envelope with the location of the reception and the booking info for hotel rooms.
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    I would just put the ceremony city. Although if your guests are anything like ours, it won't matter because they will wait until 2 weeks before the wedding to make travel arrangements...
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