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I am never organized to the letter T. So I just purchased my STD's and I have not sent them out in the mail. On top of that I just finally settled on a venue after changing my mind several times. Some of the blame can be placed on the FI he is putting me on a tight budget. So we are trying to pull off a wedding and honeymoon for $5000.00. Yep can you believe it five thousand crazy huh and we live in Chicago.  So far we are doing good with the budget so I will need everybodies help.

In addition to that our wedding will be during Restaurant national week and around Memorial holiday.

So I am now doing my reception at a Venue in Chicago and they are only charge me for food, drinks, and graituity. Oh the ceremony will be free for us to use since I am a memer with the organization. My issue now is where are some inexpensive bakeries in Chicago? Where and when do I need to look for wedding decorations and my colors are pink/black/silver? Great and inexpensive limo companies that are located in the Chicagoland area? Does anybody know of any hot and inexpensive honeymoon spots we can go to?

Thanks :)

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    For bakeries and limos, start looking around in the suburbs since things will automatically be cheaper due to tax differences and they just are in general. I live in the city and am getting married downtown, but my parents live in the suburbs. I have been going out to the suburbs to meet with different vendors since I have found them to be cheaper. I would look around online for decorations and look for coupon codes. As for your venue, you say you are getting married during restaurant week, which is actually going to work in your favor! Pick a restaurant and book their restaurant week menu since it is a set price and three courses!
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    Truthfully, I would skip the limo and see if someone had a nice car who would be willing to drive you around as a wedding present. A limo is at least a couple hundred dollars and its such a short time, you won't notice it. We are just taking the hotel shuttle to and from the venue (for $25).

    As for bakeries, I can't help you out there. But maybe see if you can find a local bakery that does cakes but doesn't specialize in wedding cakes. I have found that things that aren't labeled "wedding" are much cheaper, even if they are the same item. For example, my mother got her dress at Nordstroms. It was about half the cost of a similar "Mother of the Bride" dress at a bridal salon. I've tried to stay away from vendors that cater only to weddings- their prices are automatically higher than other places that do the same thing (I am thinking of my florist in particular).
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    For honeymoon you may want to check out an Illinois winery. I know some of the wineries have a set up with Amtrak where if you book a stay at some of the wineries, your train tickets are free.
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    Having a Chicago Wedding on 5K is really challenging, but I am sure it can be done.
    I agree with pp that anything that says "wedding" is marked up.

    A few ways to save:
    Cake: get a small decorated cake for cutting only, then have the venue serve sheet cake that can be purchased at Sams Club (or any other like Costco, etc)for less. Sam's has wonderful tasting cakes!
    Transportation: This is generally very expensive and will eat up your lots of budget. We didn't do any formal transportation, we were driven in the family cars.
    I agree with pp, try the family or friends cars.
    Flowers/Decor: Sam's club again, or a discount store. Our local Jewel does flowers for weddings. Seek out these options. Seak out supplies for centerpieces from other local knotties, watch the boards for "for sale" items. You can get lots of goods for less. Check out the 'trash to treasure' board on the nest as well. Centerpieces don't need to be flowers there are many options with candles too.
    KEEP YOUR WEDDING PARTY SMALL!!! This saves on gifts, and DRAMA!! if you have sisters or a few close friends, opt for just 2-3 attendants. It is more intimate that way too.
    MUSIC: Find a way to use your I Pods!!! with speakers. For the ceremony, do you have any friends that play guitar or piano? inlist their help. I had my friend sing and play keyboards during my ceremony and used my DJ for music as well, I hired no ceremony musicians.
    Photography/Videography: Find a student at Columbia College studying photography that wants to expand their portfolio. A gal that was a second shooter at my wedding is just finishing up her photog degree, and her photos at my wedding were gorgeous. My brother and friends took photos that were almost as good as my pro photogs photos. For Videography: High end cameras shoot great film, perhaps you can find a friend with a high end camera with a TRI POD to shoot the ceremony and important moments, such as speeches, cake cutting and first dance.
    iNVITES: It's probably cheaper to go to a place like Party City and look through their books, you can order very nice looking invites very inexpensively. I looked there and they had some nice invites. To print your own can sometimes be more expensive than to buy a simple design.
    check out the DYI BOARD AND ASK there how to save on your wedding, you will get many more ideas.
    Best of Luck to you.
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