anybody heard of polonia catering, or used wishbone?

polonia is on the 2011 "best of" knot page - but nobody i know has ever heard of them and my fiance's family is polish and lives in chicago!

i'm super excited to use them;  they'll do family style service which i LOVE.  plus, a rough estimate for 200 people including apps, family style dinner, coffee/etc, tables, chairs, tax and gratuity is about $13000 - which is half of what i've gotten elsewhere!

i just hesitate to use a company i can't find reviews about and i'm doing all of this from denver.......

re: wishbone - they also seem reasonably priced and if we can convince them to add pierogi to the menu they'll be perfect! :)  anybody heard of or used them?


Re: anybody heard of polonia catering, or used wishbone?

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    kellym050370kellym050370 member
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    I believe they also own a banquet venue, Polonia Banquets (on Archer).  I was at a wedding there once but this was ages ago.  The food was pretty good (although, because it was Polish and Family Style they used a TON of MSG in their food so if you have anyone who is allergic to it you might want to ask if that is still the case.

    I Googled and found three reviews for the banquet facility and all were great reviews. 

    I had Wishbone once and I wasn't all that impressed and now I want pirogies!
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    pedro1120pedro1120 member
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    I used Polonia for my January 2 wedding, and they were fabulous! While their Polish food is outstanding (the dumplings are addictive!), they also do a lot of other types of food too. We did different stations of food including a Polish theme, Southern, Meat and Potatoes, Kids, a Salad "Bar" and a hand rolled sushi station. My guests were raving about the food the entire night! And the service is excellent. The food was always replenished and the staff did a great job cleaning up the plates quickly and quietly. They were really easy to work with too. I have never heard of Wishbone. I would definitely recommend Polonia. Hope that helps!
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    I've had Polonia food several times for more events than just weddings and I can say that I've enjoyed it everytime! Their Polish food is second to none (IMO). :)
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