Jewelry help for bridesmaids

I am going with Bill Levkoff's styles 966, 301, and 96602 for my bridesmaids, sponsors, and junior bridesmaids.  They will be wearing champagne gowns with taupe sashes and carrying baby pink flowers.

I am thinking of getting these for my bridesmaids with matching earrings:

My colors are basically baby pink, dark brown, and champagne.  What color pearl should I get for the girls - pink, mocha, bronze? 

A friend of mine told me to go with pink because if I choose one of the other two colors, they would look "drowned out".  I just thought the other two would be more matchy to the dress.  Style wise with her is pretty up and down and I don't want to ask my bridesmaids because this is part of their gift, so I just figured I'd ask you guys for a more objective decision.  :)  Thanks!

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    Hey May! Love em! You did good. I love the idea of pink as well, so it stands out against the dresses. I'm going to have to scope out that site when I get back to CHI. Also, there's a former Knottie (I believe ChiMonique) that makes jewelry and she has really great stuff and great prices. I have her details, so I'll shoot you an email tmw about it if you wanna check into her. Kate
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    I like the pink as well.  These are really nice.  Great job!
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