I'm whining...Everyone has their dress but me...pout!

Our wedding is in 84 days, not like I'm counting, and I still don't have my dress. It's supposed to be in by the end of this month, but I was hoping that it would get in sooner than that.

I'll probably just wear a potato sack down the aisle. I'm so pouty right now!

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Re: I'm whining...Everyone has their dress but me...pout!

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    You'll wear that sack & look fabulous, dont you worry.  We can Bedazzle it.  j/k   It'll be okay.  I'm sure it'll be in on time!

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    omgitsrojoomgitsrojo member
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    :( BOO!!!!

    I'm in the same boat- I ordered mine back in Nov... *ugh!*

    I keep worrying that hey forgot to order it or something.... i'm sure we'll get them soon!
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    barbbhowwbarbbhoww member
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    It'll be here, I promise.  Mine came in Early March and I am getting married in 7 days!  Don't stress, it'll give you pimples.
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