Hi dear! I am about to start my invitations and since we have the same ones I had some questions.
I am debating between assembling them myself or having Michelle do it for me.  I'm pretty craft so I'm not worried about messing it up, but I was just wondering how you felt about it since you bought the pdf file from her.  Was it worth it and did it save you a bunch? Let me know if you thought it was a big pain or if you wouldn't mind doing it again.  Thanks so much hun!

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    Hi! I will say that invites ended up being an pretty expensive project. I would say have her send you a copy of how she will print it and see if you like it. I went to Office Max 100X before it was just right and I was working with someone that didn't mind all my requests. Did you order all the extras yet? Pocket folds? ribbon or stickers? Return envelopes, etc... I personalized everythign down to the stamp which made my project close to $800 for 150 invites. Just make sure you are pricing it all out. Perhaps it could have been cheaper just going with Michele? I had a special request of linen card stock. Maybe you can find the paper you want and ship or drive to her in Milwaukee? I bet she would do that and just charge you for print only.

    The only reason I didn't use her was because I am stubborn and had to see how it turned out my way with the ink and my paper, etc..

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    Thank you for that info.  I have not ordered anything yet for the invites... just some samples from paper and more and cards and pockets to see what I liked.  I too am super picky about how these invites will turn out.  Michelle also did my STD's and I bought the PDF file from her... and I went to office max for the printing and had them redo things for me.  I have a feeling I will end up putting them together myself but it does seem like a lot of work.  I am all about doing things DIY but as long as I can keep my sanity along with it! haha
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