Candy for Candy Buffet Rave

Hi all!  Again, I don't post here much because I was a DW bride.  However, we are having our 'at home reception' this weekend in Northbrook, and we are doing a candy buffet.  I had looked online to buy candy, but the shipping costs were outrageous as most of the bulk candy companies are in California. 

So, I started looking for a local bulk candy place.  I could only find one, but I would recommend them 100%.  It's in Skokie and called Illinois Nut (  I am working all week, so I sent my husband to buy candy.  When he got there, he had no idea what he wanted or how much to buy, but he said the woman there was so nice and let him try tons of samples.  The candy he got looks and tastes great. 

Hope this helps someone! 

Re: Candy for Candy Buffet Rave

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