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I still have yet to find my dress! :(

I am looking for a great bridal salon who has a great selection of dresses. I am a plus size 14 but tall. Anyone have any suggestions on dresses to try? Any designers I should be looking at? Gown styles? I like the mermaid but not sure how comfortable they would be?

Thank you!

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    Hi Jeanbaby, it really depends more on your body shape, I know you say size 14 and tall, but how tall? are you curvy,square, pear shaped?
    This all makes a big difference in what styles look good on you.
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    Hi Jeany,

    I'm five foot eleven and size 12 in street clothes.  I bought a size 14 mermaid style dress and love it!   Though I can't speak to how easily I'll be able to get around in it at the wedding, I was easily able to navigate the bridal shop.  Plus I'm excited to wear something that shows off my curves.  Good luck making your decision.  :)

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    I got my dress from Shelley's bridal in West Dundee.  They had a nice variety of dresses and I am curvy.  You really need to try on a ton of different styles you will be surprised at the ones that look good.  Mine is not mermaid but very fitted through the waist and hips which I thought would never look good on me!  Have fun, it's a great experience!
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    I'm curvy as well!  I'm not sure if my dress was a mermaid (pics in married slideshows in siggy), but it was definitely fitted throughout the hips.  I'm pretty body-confident, so I knew it would be something I would be comfortable wearing.  I got my dress at Kasia's and it was a "Kasia's Original" or something (I think that means "cheap knockoff of a designer dress")...but almost any dress store you go in to will be able to help you narrow down what shapes you like best.  GL and have fun!
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    I agree with the previous posts!  Try on a lot of different styles.  I'm also curvy, and thought I knew what I liked/what would look best and ended up with something completely different.  I tried going the sample dress route at multiple stores, but that can get frustrating because the sample sizes are usually smaller than a 14. 

    Most stores can order dresses in any size - you just may not be able to try it on in a size that fits - I had many that they had to clip to my bra so that I could get an idea of the look.  I think most designers can also add extra length to a dress if the normal length is too short.

    Good luck!!
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