Veil Color to Match Dress Color??

Hi everyone :) I found the perfect dress in an ivory color, and the perfect veil in...white. What should I do? Is it appropriate to have the veil a slightly different shade, or is it really necessary to have it be the same shade as the dress. I'm thinking the difference could either be positive, and would allow the veil to standout a bit more, OR it could look really tacky. Please let me know your thoughts on the issue. Thanks!

Re: Veil Color to Match Dress Color??

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    Any chance we can see a picture?

    IMHO, I think that its one thing to match your dress to your table linens but I feel like the veil and dress being different is more obvious. Is there a way to find that veil in ivory? Is it being custom made? I just don't know.
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    hz80408hz80408 member
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    It'd be tacky IMO.  I tried on white veils w/my ivory dress and it just wasn't my style.

    I've heard of brides "tea-dying" their veil to change from white to ivory.  But if it's expensive, it seems like this could be a bad idea.  You may as well spend the money to get it in the right color to begin with.

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    ladybug7485ladybug7485 member
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    Are you sure it can't be dyed by the bridal shop or doesn't automatically come in different shades? I tried on a white veil with my "oyster" dress but was able to order the same veil in the same shade as my dress.
    I would stick with the same color veil and dress. I suggest taking pics of the veil and seeing what you can find online or in other stores, chances of finding one that's close to the design but in the same color is probably pretty good.
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    Thanks for the honesty :) I'm buying the veil online, but maybe I can find a shop that will dye it to match my dress.  Are there any reputable and affordabe places in the Chicagoland area that would be able to dye it to match my dress? Thanks.
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