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hair/makeup trial and booking?

I feel like its a good idea to do a hair and makeup trial closer to the wedding so that the MUA/stylist and even the bride can remember what it looked like and re-create that the day of the wedding. However, I won't book either of these services without trying them first and I know they can book up very far in advance. So what is everyone else doing/did you do?  Thanks in advance!

Re: hair/makeup trial and booking?

  • edited December 2011
    You may want to talk it over with the person you plan on using. I work as a freelance hair and makeup artist and prefer to the the trial fairlly soon for a couple reasons; for one you want to rid yourself of any stress and know you found someone you love and want to work with on your wedding day and have that person confirmed and booked with you. Two this one is for the artist; most good artists won't save your date untill your confirmed with them. Most artists include in thier price your trial run and there usually is a charge for a second. If it's really a concern you may think about doing two trials. One as soon as you find an artist you want to go with and one before the wedding. As for myself (and I would expect any reputible artist to do the same) I write down all my notes about colors I used and take plenty of pictures from every angle of the trial. Most artists do a similar style of makeup application. If I ever do anything out of the ordinary for a client I will note it so that i don't forget what I did. I have done trials as much as six months in advance and have never had an issue.
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