NWR: Job Vent-Very Long

Ok so this all started around a year ago when FI and I were still in school. FI has quite a few older friends and one of them let's call her Sally works for Blue Cross Blue Shield in the city. Anyways she heard that BCBS was starting a program where therapists would evaluate customers mental health needs. At the time they were having another company do that for them. She said it was a sure thing that it would start in August and we were like well that's great because our lease in DeKalb isn't up until then and FI will have just graduated with his ALMFT (associate license marriage and family therapist.) Anyways fastforward to July and one week things are a little behind and then the next week the program has been shut down indefinitely. To say we were frustrated is an understatement.

Anyways FI saw Sally yesterday and she says the program is back on. Like so back on that she just interviewed to be director of the Illinois program. She says they should start hiring in 3-4 months. Apparently what happened over the summer was that first they wanted to start the program in Texas and then up here. But the director in Texas wanted to have both programs in Texas and was convinced he could find enough people qualified to do the work. Anyways he couldn't so he's been fired, and everyone agrees that there should be one in Texas and one in Illinois. It sounds like a sure thing again. They've already cleared a floor for it, decided on salaries, budgeted it all out, etc. I'm just worried that what happened in July could happen all over again, and FI doesn't seem to be considering that possibility. At the same time I can understand his position though because it's basically this job or nothing. Everywhere he's applied to wants him to have his full license, but he can't get his full license until he gets a job and gets 3000 clinical hours over a 2 year period. So at this point we are both unemployed, living in his parents' basement, and job searching everyday. FI is super excited about this job, and I refuse to get excited until he's signed a contract. He doesn't seem to understand that what happened in July could happen all over again. Anyways thanks for reading. Sorry it's so long.
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Re: NWR: Job Vent-Very Long

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    Well, it could happen again, or maybe it won't.  If that's his only prospect and you're both unemployed now, you've got nothing to lose.  You don't have to be excited, just try and be supportive.  Good Luck!
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