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Hi Ladies,

So, I am from California, and like a lot of people, am thinking of a destination wedding in HI. 

I've been stalking the board for the past couple of days, reading vendor reviews and whatnot, trying to find more information, but I think it's best if I introduce myself, and just come out and ask some questions! 

So, we are hoping to keep it around 30-40 people, and want an intimate, private feel to the day.  I love the look of weddings on a cliff overlooking to ocean, or in a garden, but not directly on the beach.  

Basically I'm trying to keep it simple, small, and relatively inexpensive.  I've been to Hana, Maui, and Waimea on the big island, but that's it.  Right now, my instincts are pointing me toward Maui (not necessarily Hana, since, though beautiful, there's not a whole lot there), but I'm open to suggestions. 

Basically, I'm just looking for suggestions from other brides who've done something similar.  Thank you, and I am sorry this was so long winded! 

For the ladies who have posted photos, all of your weddings are absolutely gorgeous, and you look so happy and radiant.  I love it.  
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Re: Hawaii Destination Wedding

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    I'm getting married in Kauai next May.  We chose Kauai over Maui because I've heard it's more laid back and Maui seemed more expensive.

    Good luck!  Smile
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    Welcome to the board! We (fiance and I) visited Maui last March.  I liked Wailea area and there are a few ressorts there that have beautiful gardens :)

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    Thanks for the welcome, ladies!  
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    Welcome to The Knot, and congratulations on your engagement!!  I am getting married next July in Maui at Olowalu Plantation which is a private estate near Lahaina.  A few girls on here have gotten married there, and have pics up here, it's gorgeous!  Good luck on your hunt!!
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    Hey Betty! 

    I also live in Cali and am planning a Hawaii wedding, and my fiance and I are paying for the wedding on our own, so we are on a super tight budget. We chose Oahu because it's the cheapest to fly to and it's a great place to start to visit Hawaii for those who have never been. Mostly we chose it because our it's pretty much the same price to fly there from L.A. as it is to fly to our home state of Texas, and most people are traveling from L.A. for the wedding so the price is the same for their flight, and it's WAY better than a hot humid Texas wedding.

    The first and most important decision we made was the location. We have decided to have our wedding and ceremony at a private residence that we are renting for 5 nights and staying at with our families. This gets us around the beach wedding permit issues, and the location is a 4 in 1 for us as we will be staying there, having the rehearsal and wedding and reception there. Which takes a LOT of stress out of the equation. Also now the guests won't have to worry about traveling from the ceremony to the reception. You may want to check out the location that I'm using because it sounds right up your alley... it's in Ka'a'awa, so let me tell you a little about it...

    The location we rented is a 5 acre Plantation that is 10 yards from the beach, with a beautiful pool with a waterfall and bridge, jacuzzi, 3 houses with 10 bedrooms 8 baths (a little house that is separate for the bride and groom!), 2 large lanais (so you don't need to rent a tent!), a built in bar area in the side of the house, and it's own little chapel that faces the mountains. They also have boogie boards, snorkle gear, kayaks, and surfboards there for you to use while you stay! It's really like your own little private resort! I read a ton of reviews on it, and everyone had a great experience there and says it was truly magical.

    I actually found this place as a rec from someone else on a Hawaii board last Oct, and we booked it right away for May 21, 2011! because let's be real, this place is the BOMB. Did I mention, they do not charge a site fee? Our families agreed to pay for their portion of the stay at the plantation as this serves as their accommodations and they were happy to do so, because they get 5 nights at a private place with all those amenities or 5 nights and we get to be with our family close by, and it comes out to be $330 per person for the whole 5 nights (about $66 per person per night) The one catch is that since it sleeps 21 total, our friends are not able to stay there, but we're helping them all to find rentals within walking distance.

    The property manager's name is Tania and she's a lovely, australian woman, and she's been very helpful (if you give her a call tell her Charity said hi!)

    Here's a link to their website: http://www.hawaiialohaweddings.com/

    and a link to the property listing: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p209081

    Feel free to Private Message me if you want any more info, I feel like I've typed a lot already but I have a lot of recs for you as a CA bride planning for Hawaii and I'm happy to help with what I've learned! The big thing is: give yourself a lot of time to plan, this will give you more time to shop around.

    Also the ladies on this board are amazing, they have been so helpful for me in planning from afar, so just keep checking back and asking those questions! Good Luck!
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    Side Note: the property I mentioned is starting to offer other wedding services I believe, which is great for convenience, but we're booking all our own vendors separately because it's more cost conscious for us. I just didn't want you to think that you have to use their caterers or anything if you look into the plantation estate. We' booked our caterer, bartender etc separately.
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    CONGRATS!  HI is such an amazing place to married, no matter which island!  Make sure that where ever you have it that you love your photographer. Sometimes ones included in venue packages are not the best.  There are some great ones on the West Coast and Ashley Therese Photography is fabulous and does not charge extra for travel!!!  Good luck with planning!! 

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