Reccommend amounts for....

1. Officiant: We booked an officiant, who does not have a set price. When we asked her about charges, she said she is a Kahu so the amount is up to us. We can give what we are comfortable with. So what would a good amount be? She doesn't have to travel to get to the site. We'll also ask if she and her husband will stay and join us for dinner during the reception. Would $200 be reasonable?2. Hula dancers: My mom introduced me to a hula instructor who can provide some of her good students for some hula dancing during our cocktail hour. We're hoping to have 4-5 hula dancers. (These are not professional hula dancers - they are just real women that are part of a hula class/club) After emailing, she asked about my "entertainment budget." Does an offer of $50 per dancer for 30 minutes sound acceptable?Would love to get a ballpark amount of what you ladies paying for either of these services. TIA
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Re: Reccommend amounts for....

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    I think both of those amounts sound very reasonable and generous! That is exactly how much i would have guessed
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