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Hi girls!I have a question regarding Accel rentals.  Have any of you used them before?  I'm just looking at getting chairs through them, but does you know if I'm responsible for picking stuff up from them, or do they deliver the equipment to the site?I'm trying to book Loulu Palm Estate for a simple beach wedding, but it seems that I now have to get a package in order to have chairs, when I really don't need anything else besides the property rentals and chair setup.  Any help would be great!

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    They do deliver for a fee... if you are just looking for chairs JMJrentals I believe is a little bit cheaper than accel and if you mention you found them online you get 10% off!! But accel is a great company. Many girls use either or.
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    We are using them for our tent, chairs and napkins and lanterns too... so far they have been great to communicate with and they do delivery also as part of the fee.=) HTH!!
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    Thanks girls!  I actually talked to the person from the estate and she said they use Pacific Party Rentals.  They seem to be a good company too, so I'm not too worried.  I'm excited to start booking vendors!
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