Thank you Kaesha

Keasha, thank you so much for the home-made jams.  The colors are gorgeous, especially the cranberry orange one.   And Pear Maple one looks just like the insides of a yummy pie.  No wonder it would have cost you $20 from Canada, that box was heavy.    I am not allergic to anything, but it was so sweet of you to tell me the ingredients just in case.  FI loves jam, so i'll have something new to put on his toast.  Thanks a bunch.  Sorry ladies, no pics yet, but i'll get to it, cause seriously these things look good.  Oh and just so everyone can be jealous I'll list the 4 jams that allyson sent..1. blueberry orange jam2.raspberry blackberry jam3. pear maple walnut conserve4. cranberry ranspberry cherry jamThanks again Keasha

Re: Thank you Kaesha

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