Hey!! So, I am just getting through all the older posts from the week and realized you ARE ENGAGED!!! YAY!! I just wanted to say congrats here because your other post was too far down ;-) Are  you so excited?? YAY!!! So happy to have you "officially" on the board as a soon to be bride (though...we always felt like you were anyways!)Just wanted to say how happy I was. What a great story too :)

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    amyj513amyj513 member
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    congrats from me too!!  i also have to check all the old posts.  I have only been getting on here once a week or so... :(
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    mauidandymauidandy member
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    Thank you so much Kelsey and Amy!!! Yes, I haven't stopped smiling since I got back :) So excited to really start planning now!!
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