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So we are having guests check in before the ceremony since everything is at the same place (Lani), but I wasn't sure what to do about giving people their place card.  We are doing the starfish with their name tied to it, but is it bothersome to get your starfish before the ceremony and be stuck with it through the ceremony and the pupu hour?  I don't want people to have to do a second check in, but it seems a little awkward to get the starfish so early.... any thoughts?What are other people doing when everything is in the same place?

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    I don't know if it's necessarily bothersome but I do see what you're saying....If you're concerned, instead of a second check-in maybe you could have the starfish set up at a table near where the pupus will be served (after the ceremony) so the guests can just get / pick them up them themselves during the cocktail hour????  Or the table could be set up closer to the dinner tables???  I'm not sure how the Lani is est up but I'm sure the ceremony is slightly separate from the eating area, right???  Just a couple of suggestions.  :)  GL!
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    I haven't decided how I'm setting this up yet myself, but I don't plan for guests to get their placecards until it's time for dinner, or they can head over there during cocktail hour.  Our ceremony and reception are in the same place too, but if I were a guest wouldn't want to be holding my placecard during the ceremony.  Plus, there's more time for ppl to get theirs after the ceremony.  Usually you want ppl to get seated for the ceremony so it can begin, yeah? I dunno, just my thoughts!  :)
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    Hmm, ya I guess I just need to set up another table or something....Lani is really just like a big lawn, so there's not a lot of separation between things...and we're shuttling in about half the people early, so I was hoping to get most people to sign in early - with having to end at 9:30, our pupu hour is so short - so I don't want people having to waste half of it checking in...Maybe I'm the only one overthinking this...haha.
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