::MzAshie with the cherry blossom centerpieces:: :)

Hi! I didn't get to respond your earlier post but I do love your cherry blossom centerpiece! So creative!!! And I have to say that I LOVE it with the mirror and tealights! If you can find them, I think pink tealights would add a nice touch!FYI, to PIP, you right click your image and copy the image properties or image location, then tinyurl it and paste it into this code [*img]yourtinyurlcode[/img]. Make sure the code is not bolded and be sure to remove the * in the code ( I just added it so that the knot doesn't think it's a picture)

Re: ::MzAshie with the cherry blossom centerpieces:: :)

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    oh thank you very much!! :) I'm looking for pink tealight candles so hopefully I find some at a good price.  Thank you for helping me with the PIP :)Have a great day!!
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