PIP Oahu basket find!!

Holy Basket-ness!!  My florist recommended a basket place that strictly sells baskets.  It's called East Asian Basket Company and is located across from Queen Bee at 742 Queen Street - sorry they don't have a website.  It's easy to miss, but has a few parking spaces and a bright red door.  Anyway, the have TONS of baskets, on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, little rooms full of baskets, they seem to go on forever.  I ended up getting two flower girl baskets, two trays for favors and a basket for cards for about $45 (not sure if that was a good price, but at least I didn't have to pay s&h).  They also have the smaller woven fans for $1.25.[img]http://tiny.cc/ysHUG[/img]

Re: PIP Oahu basket find!!

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