I just sent out my invitations (( :-D )) and I guess a couple of my guests have received them bc they have text message, facebooked, or emailed me that they got them .... but what about the rsvp people???? I mean we even put the stamp on there for them ... I sort of see this as a heads I will be making a lot of phone calls as the wedding day approaches... Did you experience this? any advice on how to get an rsvp from guests?
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Re: rsvp?

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    See my post from earlier today - Late Responses

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    I say just take it easy.  When it's a few days after your RSVP date you can email or call those who didn't respond to see what's up.  Until then, just know that there will be a few early responders, most will be late responders, and you'll have to round up the stragglers afterwards - it seems everyone deals with this.
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    Good luck with that is all I can say.  This has been a very sensitive, frustrating subject for me.
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