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Is there anyone who can help me out?? I have the entire adobe creative suite on my computer.....I do not however know a thing about how to use them. I am trying to make an AHR invitation using one of our wedding pics as the front cover and I suck at life and cannot figure how out to do almost anything on the programs........is there any savvy knotties who know Photoshop or any of the creative suite and whould be willing to help me??? I can bake really well, and I could offer you some cool volleyball stuff.....help please?!?!?!?!

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    I personally haven't used it, but I found this.
    You tube may also have instructional videos.  Worth checking out

    I hope this helps!!

    Good Luck!
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    Hey Tifani, I have used photoshop for the last 4ish years. I dont know much of the other programs, but I do have the creative suite as well. Im a graphic design major, and Im just now learning those programs, but Photoshop I know pretty well. And, I love making things! =) Also, the tutorials online are great as well!
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    OMGGGGGG, could you help me???? I don't need anything super fancy.....just our pictures on the front of the card and then the traditional verbage inside, and then maybe a smaller respose card-no picture just some kind of graphic design and regular response verbage......I would like some kind of graphic theme carried throughout like i like the long hanging strands of orchids that I have seen on some peoples invites-I forget who on here-, do you know what I mean?

    If you totally don't want to help I completely understand, but I would be so thankful and I will make you anything you want and give you some really awesome volleyball stuff!!!! Let me know, my email is [email protected]
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