Oahu H&M - Dorys Foltin/Maleana opinions?

Was wondering if anyone had strong opinions either way about Dorys Foltin for wedding hair & makeup?


Re: Oahu H&M - Dorys Foltin/Maleana opinions?

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    Her team did a great job on a huge bridal party.  Makeup was light - kind of "fairy" like -- ethereal.  Problem with the hair was that halfway through the wedding about half of our updos completely fell out.  We had to buy hairspray and bobby pins at a hair salon after the ceremony and the hairstylist was appalled when he saw the state of our hair.  In their defense, we had loose updos; the girls with "tight" styles were fine.

    I have had amazing experiences with Delish Makeup Artistry and Team Flaunt. 
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    I use Dory's.I have mixed reviews,I loved the way she did my hair.My makeup I wanted more of a dramatic eye(smoky eye) but she gave me a natrual eye.But I didt love it,the air brush is amazing,flawless skin.
    Her help did my daughters hair and makeup and she did a wonderful job,my daughter loved every thing.
    my moms hair and makeup was kinda a waste of money they didnt do much .But in defence my mom has very short hair and does not wear makeup so they couln't do much with her hair and didnt put much makeup on her so she felt comfortable.
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    I used Dorys for my wedding and have a review in my bio.  My wedding was back in 2007 so I can't really say how her recent work is, but my review might give you some insight and things to consider on the day-of.  GL!

    ETA: Here's a link: http://mrsnicolenbrian.weebly.com/reviews.html#hm
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    thanks for your feedback!  actually i seemed to have scheduling issues already with dorys!  she initially said she was available for the time slot i was looking for and i was about to send in my deposit when she said she might have to do a commercial job on the day of my wedding instead.  so after a week, she confirmed she would be unavailable.  I can she why she would rather do the commercial job ($$$) but it sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.  she offered her senior stylists but i read that they just aren't the same. 

    she did offer she could prep me for 12pm, but my wedding is at 5pm and i'm not sure what i would do in that block of time.  i considered taking her up on that anyway since a friend of mine highly recommended her, but i was having second thoughts.  i agree she must be a great makeup artist, but....

    in her defense she didn't have my deposit yet, but in all honesty it doesn't seem like she would have honored the contract if it were signed anyway.
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    It kind of depends on what kind of look you are going for.  I think her signature style is reallly soft/pink/fairy like makeup (which is prob why she didn't do the smoky eye that littlelily requested.  I also like natural, but dramatic makeup.  I'm not going to use her.  If you like really soft/sweet makeup, you're fine with her.

    I highly recommend FLAUNT/Christine Gardner (hair/makeup) and Delish Makeup Artistry (makeup).  They are amazing.
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     Here's a semi-review of her on my blog.

    I was really happy with the way my make-up turned out, despite the fact that she couldn't do air-brush like I requested because she was missing a piece of epuipment.  After the trial, I had requested some changes be made on the wedding day (more dramatic eyes, darker eyebrows, etc.), and she adjusted well.  

    I did notice small pieces of my updo coming out at the end of the night (about 8 hrs after she did it), and had noticed it at a friend's wedding who also used her.
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