PW: Let's talk wedding food!

What are you serving? Cake flavours? Signature drinks?

(and for new people PW stands for post whore, which is what I've totally been this week while I've been off sick)

Re: PW: Let's talk wedding food!

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    We did traditional Hawaiian food, and I just bumped into our caterer today! I still can't believe he made extra and everyone went back for seconds... it was so delicious! I was really looking forward to having some leftovers, haha!

    Passed apps:
    Spicy edamame
    Veg crudite
    Cheese platter
    Sweet n' sour meatballs
    Boiled peanuts (these are a local favorite)

    Sticky rice
    Squid Luau
    Kalua Pig
    Okinawan Sweet Potatoes
    Mac Salad
    Chicken Long Rice
    Mixed Salad

    Cake Flavors (one for each tier):
    Lemon Chiffon
    Strawberry Guava
    Chocolate Peanut Butter (da best!!! this was the biggest tier and we had extra that we enjoyed for days!)

    I love good wedding food :)

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    this is what we plan to serve :D
    passed apps:
    • Teriyaki Steak Skewers
    • Coconut Panko Shrimp
    • Crab Stuffed Wontons

    sit down dinner:

    house salad
    choice #1:
    • New York Steak with Hamakua Mushrooms served medium
    • and served 1/2 pound split crab legs
    • with garlic mashed potatoes
    • and stir fry veggies
    or choice#2:
    • Grilled Mahi Mahi filets served in a Mai Tai Sauce (coconut pineapple rum sauce) drizzled with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
    • and served 1/2 pound split crab legs
    • with Hapa Rice (Wild Rice and White Rice mix)
    • and Stir Fry Veggies

    cake flavor: (one per tier)
    • one dark chocolate tier cake with coconut filling
    • one white sponge cake cake with Vanilla Whip Cream Custard with a layer of Lilikoi filling
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    At the wedding reception we are doing food at Mama's fish house.  They are doing all of the food, drinks and the cake.  Since there will only be 21 of us, we don't have to do a special menu or pay an extra fee or anything.  We just order from the menu they give us and FI (at that time DH!!!!) and I pay the tab at the end.  It's a pretty cool deal. 

    Even the cake is a really good price.  We haven't decided on all of the flavors, yet, but of course it will be tropical!

    While our guests are mingling while we have our pictures taken right after the ceremony we are setting up a tropical mimosa and bellini bar with local pastries to snack on.

    At our AHR we are going to have food from many local places that we love. We are having Hawaiian, such as mac salad, yaki soba, vegetable teriyaki, veggie (we're vegetarian) sushi, salad rolls, tofu Banh Mi sandwiches and some other Asaian and Hawaiian inspired food that we are going to be making with our families.

    We  are also having a dessert bar with tasty treats from all our favorite places in Portland.  There will be cupcakes, lemon bars, salted chocolate chip cookies and chocolate caramels. I'm sure I will gain 5 lbs just from eating dessert. heh heh

    FI is also going to be making up a signature drink.  We are really big into tiki and tiki drinks so it will be based on those.  He hasn't started playing around with it, yet but it will have coconut and vanilla flavors in it.  He makes up great drinks so I know it will be super tasty. We are also going to be having Blue Hawaiians (How could we not?) and a sake bar at the AHR.

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    Hosted beverages were beer, red and white wine (pinot gris and noir - b/c I like them!), and sodas.  Someone ordered 12 club sodas.  Someone else ordered 5 roy rogers.  I kid you not.

    We had a sushi boat with three different types of sushi (two of which were not made with raw fish for the sushi newbs) out for people to eat from when then arrived.  Then they were served a coconut prawn app (sooo good!).  The entree was either pasta (for the veggies), mac-nut crusted fish, or prime rib.  I refused to do wedding chicken.

    Dessert was wedding cake with a carrot cake layer and a lemon cake layer, pie (3 kinds - coconut cream, chocolate haupia, and banana cream), and fresh pineapple.

    Afterparty beverages were beer and our own version of a pineapple rum punch.  :)
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