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Am I, like, super dumb? (How to use TheKnot) - Holla to lorena224 & jessj336

Hopefully I made you laugh (or sigh) with the title.  I'm actually not super dumb, according to me, but I struggle with using TheKnot, and I realize it could  be due to a crappy interface.

Specifically, how come when I go you another person's planner, that I can't see their vendors?  Is it possible that none of you have input your vendors?  Which is fine, I haven't, but some of you have posted hundreds, even thousands, of posts, but no vendor info in your planners?

I was hoping to be able to see who people are using without having to write people individually and then post a message saying you have a pm - community board clutter!  Specifically, I'm curious to know which photographers the brides (lorena224, jessj336) who are getting married the same week I am are using.  If by chance you're flying someone in from the mainland, I was thinking that I could sweeten their deal and possibly hire them too. 

I'm starting to get quotes back from Maui-based photogs, and they're HIGH.  And I read a bunch of posts about getting more hours for the same cost from amazing mainland photographers, so I'm exploring.....

Anyway, back to the real question - am I not using this site correctly?  Also, I realize that FI is fiance, but does it stand for anything other than fiance?  In all the other acronyms, each letter represents a word.  Just curious.


Re: Am I, like, super dumb? (How to use TheKnot) - Holla to lorena224 & jessj336

  • You are using it correctly, TK.com does have an awkward interface. I haven't posted any vendors on my planner just because they don't include all of them...so I think that's why some of us have planning bios hosted on websites like weebly.com.

    My photographer is also flying in from the mainland. He's based in Portland, OR and his prices start off very reasonably (half as much as Maui-based photographers). If you want his info, just shoot me an email! I also listed him on my planning bio (link below). HTH!

    Also, I've had to look up acronyms used on TK.com. I just Googled them and they came up...then I had breakthrough "oooooh!!" moments. Hehe
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  • The knot drives me nuts, finding my inbox felt like a scavenger hunt! I have been on here for over a year & had no idea there was a vendor or planner section! Im not sure why FIance is FI and not F.
  • I haven't posted any of my vendors. We are using Anna Kim for our photographer.
  • edited January 2012
    It's totally them, not you!

    It's one of the new(ish) features they rolled out when they redid everyone's bios (I have the super, 2-updates-ago, old one). BUT, bios can also be private, because some people don't want others to know who they're using! And if you've been around for a while, you don't bother with them because they'll just disappear when they roll out the next model.

    If all else fails, don't worry about board clutter. Pages are awesome.
  • I just don't bother much with the planner. I am using Kim Aihara (from Maui) as my photographer. 
  • I agree with Lorena224...I don't bother with the planner at all.  I'm using Dmitri Photography for my wedding (in Maui).

  • I've tried putting my information on TK, but it never works. Instead I have a planning site. The link is in my siggy below.
  • I still cannot even get my damn ticker to show! Someone posted step by step directions and I still cannot get it work. I do not think this site is very easy to navigate.
  • My photographer is also located in Oregon.  Check her out!  She's doing my Hawaiian wedding.

  • I agree, I cant get my stupid ticker or picture up as well.  I copied and pasted the URL in the box, but there is no save button,  Arg
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