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HELP! Seawatch/Gannons

so i booked for the seawatch a long time ago. My wedding is in 3 months, and they just sent me the menu options. It appears that they prefer me to pick ONE OPTION (a fish or a meat) for ALL guests. There is a larger menu to choose from that looks not nearly as tasty. The email said, "Chef Gannon would like you to choose one option from this menu". When i asked for clarification, they said, " You dont have to pre order from this menu because all guests will have the same thing". Have you EVER been to a wedding where you are paying 50.00 a head but will only serve fish? not everyone will eat fish, or meat, or vice versa! 

I dont know what to do! i asked for clarification, but i am worried.  any brides who have been there recently or any advice? 

doesnt that seem odd?

Re: HELP! Seawatch/Gannons

  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    First, deep breath.  You can work through this!

    Second, change your Knot name.  You really don't want any ole person knowing your email address - you'll get spam, junk mail, and ppl could conceivably identify you if they're internet savvy.

    Next, I'd call up Gannon's and talk to their head event person to tell them that you at LEAST need to offer your guests two options (ideally three), and ask them if they'll let you just notify them of who's getting what like a month before.  Before you do this, though, check into some other locations, you could start with the Five Palms, Mulligan's on the Blue, and Merriman's - to see if they're still available on your date, and if they'd meet your needs (like, if you need their space for a wedding, could they accommodate that, do they have enough room for your group, etc.).  If they'll meet your needs and are available, ask them if they'll offer you three options at a comparable price (I'd guess they will).  Then when you talk to the folks at Gannon's, TELL THEM that you have other options who are willing to offer three options, you'd really rather stick with them, but you'll change locations if you must.  Let them make the call.

    I'd guess they'll work with you, but you should do your best to have some leverage by knowing what other options are available when you talk to them.

    People plan last-minute weddings in HI all the time.  They're used to it.  It would suck to have to change your venue, but it's totally doable.  Really!  :)
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    Do you have the original contract with the that includes the menu choices? If so, then it's within your rights to insist to receive what you put the deposit down for. When they changed over, what did they tell you? That everything would be fine? If so, then get all ultimatum ish on them!
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    Check your contract and unless it states otherwise tell them one option is simply unacceptable.
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    thanks ladies!

    disaster averted. I was told " we will try to keep the menus similar". Well, they are diffenrent, but i completely mis-understood. Turns out with the dual menu you choose two entrees to be served together ( like smaller portions, but two) and then one side, and they will honor non-meat eaters/non fish eaters by serving just the one. 

    i.e pick a fish and a steak option and everyone gets a combo plate.

    i am so relieved! i think this sounds much more reasonable, simplier, and now guests get to try two yummy things.

    again, thanks for the support and advice!
  • lizconemaclizconemac member
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    THANK YOUI for this post!!!!!!! I was just dealing with the same thing but decided on the larger menu that lets you choose three options - fish, chicken and prawns. It didn't sound quite as tasty as the Duo menu, but I needed more options because my fiance's family loves fish and my family doesn't eat fish.

    I am a little worried about Seawatch/Gannons. I thought it was odd that it's a restaurant yet I have to give them a head count 72 hours in advance for the meals.  Luckily Susan sent me that email right before I had my invites finalized - otherwise I wouldn't have known that i had to put the menu options on the RSVP card. I also thought that that it was odd that they were pushing the Duo menu.  Other than that I guess Susan has been pretty good.

    I'm not getting married until August and would love to hear what you think about your experience at the Seawatch/Gannons, and talk about anything else about the Seawatch/Gannons!

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