Kauai/Oahu locations??

Hi everyone, 

So I'm having difficulty picking a location for our January wedding. We live in Oahu, and I can't decide a location there either. Here is what I'm looking for:

less than 25 people attending
no Waikiki or hotel, would like to avoid beach (prefer privacy)
would LOVE to find a package with everything (hate making the individual decisions)
around $5,000 or less including EVERYTHING (cake, flower, location, etc)

Oahu would be much easier and cheaper since we already live here, but the only thing I've found which I like is Kauai and Inheavenweddings.com. 

I really need help, we planned on getting married in January, but if I don't make any decisions, then nothing is going to happen! :) 

Re: Kauai/Oahu locations??

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