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Hi all.  I was on this board 5 years ago when I got married in Maui.  Now, shockingly, I'm back b/c I just got moved to Honolulu.  I remember back in the day some great recs on wedding hair, and I would gladly go back to the guy who did mine on Maui (Dan), so I'm wondering if any of you have Oahu recs.  Of course I don't need wedding hair, but whoever can do that is probably a pretty good stylist.


Oh, and I'll be lurking some for food recs, too :)  I've been in Waikiki for a week, apartment hunting, but so far haven't had great food.  I'll keep trying, though!

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    Holly Stevens (not sure what her married name is) from Salon Reve (works with Heather Heen of Delish Makeup Artistry who does wedding hair/makeup).

    Holly (and Heather) are amazing.  I had Holly do a simple cut for me, not even on my trial, and she styled it too. It was the most amazing cut/style I've had, and so so reasonable! Seriously, I walked out of the salon and I can't even TELL you how many guys catcalled me.  It was just unbelievable (and very uncomfortable)!!! But that that tells you how awesome she is.
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