Anyone doing a wedding just the two of you?

If so, I would love to hear where you are doing your wedding.  There are so many choices and the prices, wow they can go high!
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Re: Anyone doing a wedding just the two of you?

  • elizabethm4elizabethm4 member
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    I am doing a VR just the two of us on the beach. Haven't decided the details yet though! My only real criteria is I want to find a secluded beach and don't want to spend tons of money. 
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    Ours was suppose to be just the two of us and our kids til the friends/family found out LOL.  20 friends/family joining it was a beautiful wedding!
  • heibersrheibersr member
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    My fiance and I are planning one in Kauai in April 2011.  To see all of the islands, we scheduled the 7-day Norwegian Cruise leaving on April 23.  I'm a bit nervous about planning the ceremony, though!  I originally contacted Bali Hai weddings; however, I've found a couple negative reviews.  I suppose it doesn't matter THAT much if it's just going to be the two of us, but no one wants to deal with a headache on their wedding day. 

    Both of our families are divorced, so the thought of planning a wedding at home made me completely freak out!  It'll just be the two of us.

    What are you planning?
  • embracejoyembracejoy member
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    We originally wanted our wedding to be just the two of us on the beach.. but our families really wanted to be there, and a few close friends did too, so now we've got about 20 people coming along!
    we got it right the second time around! ten.twenty.twenty-ten. Anniversary
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    It will be a second wedding for both my fiance and for myself, so we wanted to do something with just the 2 of us. We are planning on getting married in Hawaii early next year, but have yet to decide where! 
    I need recommendations!! We went to a very large wedding in Maui earlier this year and fell in love with the island. I have been to all the islands, and am having a hard time deciding where to go and what to do!
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    i havnt planned anything yet. but im looking to get married in makena cove in maui or ko 'olina in oahu...beach wedding
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