AW Time :) My Completely DIY Invites!!!

I'm shining like the AW I am :)  Here we go ladies!  Crappy cell pictures is what you guys right now though...but when I have the finished product, then I'll take really nice ones for y'all!!

The outside but the ribbon will be silver.  The only ribbon I had is a piece I use for my hair (which is why it's so wrinkled, haha)!

Up close of the monogram:

The inside with everything in it.  Please excuse the ribbon again...I didn't want to cut it just for this :)  There's two response cards, the envelopes, and a wedding website card

Inside just the two invites.  The one on the left is for the AHR and the one on the right is the DW.  For the invites that are AHR only, they will have that one on the right and everything else on the left.

The close up of the DW invite:

The response cards and website card:

Reponse card upclose:

Then the envelopes with the wrap around labels! 

On the back is our return address: 

Super super proud of these, so much time in getting everything just right!


Re: AW Time :) My Completely DIY Invites!!!

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