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Welcome Gift Bags


I'm sure there's been many posts on this before, but I cant' remember your ansswers!  What have you been putting in your welcome bags? And also, speaking of the "bags" what did you acutally use to put the items in (bag, basket, etc)?

THanks for any help!!!

Re: Welcome Gift Bags

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    One of the other knotties was nice enough to give me her leftover hibiscus tote bags from Oriental Trading Company. We gave one bag out to each couple/family - and noticed that everyone was using them for their beach totes! So, I'm glad they were reusable.

    In them, I put:

    Assorted Kona brewing compnay beer (2 bottles per person)
    1 mug from Hilo Hatties per person
    Chocolate covered mac nuts
    Kona coffee
    Welcome Letter
    Travel sized sun screen
    Maui Onion Potato Chips (1 bag per person)

    Ooh! Good call Sandy - we did a cd as well.
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    I'm following Alyson's lead and ordering the tote bags.  They actually sent me a 20% off coupon code in the mail the other day.  GT1030238 - that is the code to share with a friend too.  So far I've got:

    antibacterial santizer
    band aids
    tylenol packets
    beach towel
    travel sunscreen

    Shout Wipes

    FI is making a CD of Hawaiian Music

    Welcome Letter/Weeks events

    I'll pick up the Hawaii local things when I get there and not sure what they will be yet.

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    I gave out turquoise blue gable boxes. I put in:

    welcome letter
    map of maui
    small bottle of water
    maui onion chips
    maui melon mint gum
    chocolate covered macadamia nuts
    honolulu cookie company cookies
    hand sanitizer
    small tubes of sunscreen

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    I've got my info in my bio under "welcome bag"  :)
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    My list is under OOT bags in my bio.  :)
  • tricialb02tricialb02 member
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    you can check out all my bags stuff on my blog (with pictures)...but here is the short list

    Tote bags- Hibiscus
    Beach Ball
    Playing Cards
    Postcards from Hawaii- to send one back to us and keep one for themselves
    Maps of Oahu
    Welcome Packet- Includes schedule, map to beach location, our info (phone #'s etc), and things to do on the island and when we switch islands to Maui
    First Aid-tylenol,sunscreen, chapstick,bendryl, pepto
    Hula gil/boy Koozies
    Starfish shaped soaps in our wedding color- pink & turquoise

    Hope that helps! Good luck
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    Thanks so much for such great ideas ladies!!
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