Hi!  Lisa isn't going to get the sign after all, so it's yours if you want it!

I'll PM you with payment details.

I know Lori keeps a pretty hectic schedule, so it would probably be easiest for your coordinator to get it from her--there's always someone at her house, whether it's her husband, her assistant, her brother or herself.  She lives in a pretty central location, should be easy to coordinate with your WC.  She could also just set it out by her door for easy pickup.



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Re: ***AKWinterBride***

  • AKWinterBrideAKWinterBride member
    edited December 2011
    Hi Liz,
    I am sorry, but I went on a wedding shopping spree and no longer need your signs.  They are gorgeous and will make another Maui bride very happy, thanks for the opportunity!
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