Beach weddings

I perform weddings in Hawaii and I have some suggestions for beach weddings:

Get married about 1 1/2 hours before sunset.  When you take your vows at sunset photos do not turn out well.

Anchor veils on your head.  The wind can be very strong at the ocean.  Dresses, ties, etc. go flying as well.

When you get your wedding license see if you need a permit for the location the ceremony will be performed.  Often you do at the beach.  Maybe not in the park.  The permit is very cheap and the ticket for not having it is not.  The couple pays for the permit (or ticket.)

If you want a wedding wear the groom does not see the bride before walking down the isle go to the site for the wedding and see how to work it out.  You can ask the minister how they have done it in the past at that location (if they have.)

Remember, you are getting married at the beach.  People are there sunbathing, play frisbee, etc.  Some of these people may not enhance you wedding shots.  Make sure you 1) understand that. 2) tell the people taking the pictures to try to not get too many of these people in the shot.  3)  Noise (bad language) may show up on your video tape.  4)  Know someone who can edit.

Not matter what enjoy your wedding day. 

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