Where to HM in Maui?

Hey gals,

FI and are I planning on having our HM in Maui after our Oahu wedding. I know Oahu like the back of my hand, but Maui is another story.  We will be getting married in October, what part of Maui is best, weather wise (less rain) during that month? Any recs for hotels, restaurants, beaches, nightlife, etc?

Thanks so much!

Re: Where to HM in Maui?

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    Nightlife is really centered around the Lahaina/Ka'anapali area... which is, personally, my least favourite (personal choice - a lot of people really like it). If you want to get away a bit more, head further north to Kapalua (the Ritz there is really popular on the HM board) or south to the Wailea area.
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    We're staying in Kihei since it's cheaper for the first part with our family.  Then my aunt gave me her condo in Lahaina for a week after we get married.  We just plan on exploring the whole island so it didn't really matter where we stayed.  I forget which side gets more rain...I would just google it.
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    We also stay in Kihei.  There are a ton of really nice condos there that you can get for way, way cheaper than the hotels in Maui.  I agree with Alyson, the 'nightlife' is more in the Lahaina area, but we don't like that area enough to stay up there.  Kihei is a great laid back little town, and if I were looking to spend $$ for a honeymoon, I would choose Wailea area over Kaanapali or Lahaina any day! 
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    I am getting married in Kaanapali and am partial to the west side of Maui.

    But if we were honeymooning in Maui, I might do so in Hana.  The idea of honeymooning in a sleepy town with beautiful surroundings where we felt totally reclusive would be totally appealing to me.

    That's the reason we are honeymooning in Kauai.
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    OMGAWD!! We are doing the same thing!! We are getting married October 12 in Lanikuhonua and then leaving to go to Maui. haha That is too funny that we are both doing almost the same thing :)

    Let me know if you find anywhere that sounds fab in Maui...

    best wishes girlie!
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    Check out the Maui Wedding Planning website (in siggy), there is info on weather in there.  But, generally, South Side (Kihei/Wailea) is drier than anywhere else on Maui.  

    We just spent a few nights of our honeymoon at the Kea Lani--loved it!! Every room is a suite, they're just huge.  The resort is big enough to have everything you could possibly need, but you won't get lost (like at the Grand Wailea). 

    Kihei/Wailea is the quieter, more "suburban" area of the island whereas Lahaina/Kaanapali feels very touristy/resorty (more nightlife).  
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    I stayed at the Maui Prince Hotel. It was absolutely perfect. Huge rooms, huge beds, stunning view, friendly staff, and a luau at the hotel. It think its a great place if you want a nice, romantic honeymoon. Oh, and the pool has a great poolside bar. :)
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