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I planned to buy lauhala bags for our out of town guests, but every source I have read about seems to be out of stock for several months. They will not get them in time for my wedding.  Does anyone have an idea where I might get some straw woven bags - buri or lauhala - big enough for several gioft items?  I would really appreciate help with this from anyone who has a suggestion!

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    I got mine from here: http://www.ailanakai.com/

    Looks like they still have several sizes in stock. Good luck!
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    I thought that was the best resource for the lauhala bags too, and I wrote to them. They responded yesterday saying that all tote bags are out of stock or very low in stock with back orders. It may be several months, they said.  Now I need anothe option.
    I would love some suggestions!  Many thanks.
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