I'm going to start with the RANDOM:

Megan Fox just got married in Hawaii! (On the Big Island) I don't know if that changes anything for anyone! Tongue out

YAY: I'm done teaching for this school year! Whee! After meetings tomorrow morning, I'm going to have 9 weeks of break! Ah, I'm so excited.

BOO: I bought a dress from jcrew which fits perfectly on the hips, but is gaping in the chest/waist. I was hoping to wear it to our meetings/party tomorrow, but now I have to take it for alterations and that'll take a week. I hate being pear shaped!

How about you? What are your YAY/BOOs for today/this week?

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    Congrats on the end of the year! 

    Yay:  Ordered a whole bunch of wedding stuff (shoes, overlays, fans, etc.)!

    Boo:  Now my bank account is feeling the effects of buying wedding stuff.  :(
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    I'm so not a fan of Ms. Fox. Did anyone read the open letter from the crew of Transformers? Hilarious.

    YAY: I have a 4-day weekend coming up.

    BOO: I smashed my thumb last night and it hurts SOOOO bad. It's still throbbing.


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    I'm with HappyGoLucky - Megan Fox?  Yuck. 
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    i'm with kellie too - megan fox is blechh. haha

    YAY: i leave for hawaii in 9 days!

    BOO: i leave for hawaii in 9 days! (holy moly, 9 days?! that's it? soooo much to do)
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    I know, I'm not a fan of her either. I LOVED that open letter from the Transformers crew!
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    Random...one more day of teaching summer school and i'm off to kauai for 12 days.

    YAY...i'm get to spend 12 long days with todd. my chance to drive him crazy :) we booked a florist (watanabe) and a WC (mona hirata)

    BOO..school starts in less than a month.  i want to be creative with STD's but am having problems hehe.

    *congrats to you alyson for completing the year :) and megan fox...what? hehe
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    Yay: in 5 hours I will be done with graduate school, and officially a high school English teacher!

    Boo: that means tomorrow I have no excuse not to clean the house.
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    YAY: Our wedding is in 100 days!!! It's coming up so fast. Also, FI and I are starting an 11-week financial class hosted by our church. I know a bit about finances, but feel that FI should learn some too. I am excited!

    BOO: Our guests STILL do not have anything to EAT or sit/eat on! It is driving me crazy that no vendors are calling me back when I am trying to give them business. Sigh.
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    I have lots of YAYs this week:
    1) All 3 of my BMs' dresses were delivered this week.  No pics yet.
    2) The personalized beach towels we ordered for our WP from freshvintagedesigns on etsy arrived today.  FI says they're "pimp".  :)
    3) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel in my photobook guestbook project.  We scanned and added kid pics this week, and I'm winding down my neverending search for awesome quotes.  I think I'm going to call it this weekend and order the book.

    We have two huge wedding payments due next week.  We have the money, but it's no fun seeing it go out the door.

    I was passive-aggressively delaying the mailing of one invitation - to an uncle who last year when my mom told him we were getting married in HI said, "Who the hel.l's gonna go to a wedding there??"  With FI and I sitting right there.  Yea, he's awesome.   (Note: also the same uncle who at the last minute pawned his daughter and new step-daughter off on FI and I the night of his wedding last year and STILL hasn't sent out Thank You notes for gifts we gave him.  Of course, right?) 

    Anyways, we were going to mail his invitation on Monday, but Sunday night my mom called to tell me that my uncle was randomly talking to a family friend who got his invite weeks ago and they started talking ... which ended with this uncle calling my mom wanting to know where his invitation is.  There are so many things wrong with this picture, it's not even funny.  We were good and mailed it out on Mon.
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