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Hi ladies, it has been awhile since I've posted and I need some advice.  My dress alterations are finished and is safely tucked away in my BM's closet (my closet is too small to accomodate my dress until the wedding).  Anyways the seamstress told me that I need to get my dress steamed to get out any wrinkles.  I bought the dress in CA and the bridal shops in town (TX) steam only dresses bought from them.  She also said that any dry cleaners can steam it but it runs about $100.  Now I don't want to steam it now and then carry it on the plane to have to steam it again in Oahu.  Also I was informed that some hotels can steam wedding dress whether for a price or it's part of the hotel amenities.  

So should I purchase a portable steamer? The dress material is listed as silky satin. And if I did, how do you steam satin?

Any recommendations for place on Oahu that steams wedding dresses professionaly? 

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Re: AW: Steaming the dress..

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    I'm planning to have my dress (and probably FI's suit) steamed in Hawaii.  I don't see the point to doing it twice, plus, it sounds like something I could easily screw up, and with so much going on, I think it's worth it to leave this to someone who knows what they're doing.  :)
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    I used Gabriela from Keepsakes. She was great to work with. She picked up the dress and DH's suit  from the hotel and delivered back to us the day before the wedding. I highly recommend. 
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    Since steaming can cost kind of a lot and you have your dress in hand, would you consider the "hang dress in steamy bathroom method"?  You could try it at home and see if it works.  I think there were some brides that bought a small steamer and did it themselves, but I can't remember how it turned out.  It might depend on the material and style of your dress.  If you want the least worry-free method, pay to get it professionally done :)  I don't have any personal experience, but I'll keep my eyes/ears open for suggestions.
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    I got a travel steamer just for this purpose. I plan to see if the hotel does this free of charge, but otherwise, I plan to just do it myself. If I remember, I'll report back on how it goes.
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