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Confused girl - ordering gowns...

So it seems the majority of brides don't buy dresses then haven't tried on. 

Then another majority have to order their dresses which take 6-8 months for some. 

What are you all ordering then?  I'm confused.  Was the dress in stock but only to remain as a "stock dress" for all to try on?  The shops so far have said if a dress is in stock and I like it, that is mine to buy and alter if needed.

Re: Confused girl - ordering gowns...

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    I had the option to buy the sample dress (which just so happened to be my exact size) or order a new one.  I opted to get a new one because although I would have saved some money buying off the rack (only about $50) I wanted a brand new one, not a sample that who knows how many other people tried on, lol

    Some shops may not have samples available to sell, or brides may need the dress to be ordered in a different size than the sample.
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    I tried on sample gowns. Then once I made my choice I ordered the gown in my size. I could have gotten away with sample, it zipped (well tied) but I had back fat. So I got a size bigger so I don't have to freak out about my weight. My dress only took about 4 months to come in though.

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    Some dress shops allow you to purchase the sample gown.  Others do not.  You order the dress you like in your size.  I'm a curvy plus-size gal, and the sample dress I tried on was 2 sizes too big for me, so I ordered the correct size dress.  They told me up to 6months for the dres to come in..it arrived in 2 months...so it varies on the designer & how busy they are...
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    The dress I bought had just been released as part of the seasons collections, so I ended up buying new.  It should be in soon!!
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    I tried on sample gowns and ordered it new in my size. They say it takes 6 months to come, so I should be getting that phone call any day now!
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    I tried on sample dresses however most shops carry only one dress in that size so if the size is not your size then they order the dress in your size.  Plus not all samples are for sale even if it is in your size.  The sample was too small on me to zipper up the back but I tried the dress on to see what it would look like first.  Then they ordered the dress in my size.  It usually takes a couple of months to come in.  I ordered mine in June and it should be here the first week of january.
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    I tried on the sample dress and I wouldn't have been able to take it home with me- we all have to order new dress if we want the same dress. Most sample dresses were too big for me so it wouldn't have worked if I bought it off the rack.

    But I think I would have been able to buy the sample dress at one store right away- if I had that option, I wouldn't have done that. I'd much rather to get a brand new dress that is all MINE, that no other lady has tried it on! :)

    I ordered my dress in August and they said it should be in sometime this month. I can't wait!!
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    I ordered a new dress in my size, at the store they didnt have variety of sizes so I knew I would be ordering. Its taking 6 months for my dress to arrive in the store. I ordered it in October, its arriving at the beginning of April, first fitting sometime in April.
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    I tried on sample dresses, but ordered a new dress.  It only took 2 months to come in. 
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    I tried on sample dresses and i ordered mine in the correct color and size that i wanted and it took 6 months to come in.
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